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This agreement describes the terms and conditions to use this website. By proceding you agree to the following terms:

- the goal of this site is to see or publish classified advertisements.
- the responsability of the content of the advertisements is tottaly on the announcer.
- It is not allowed to post a same item more than once.
- we limit ourselves to the task of exibiting the ads created by the announcers. And we have NO involvement in the deal.
- The announcer claims to be aware of the laws and that is complying with all the laws when dealing the item it is selling.
- the exibition, form, visibility, standout and other characteristics of the ad may be conditioned to some payment. You will be warned about prices and conditions when appropriate. The aquisition of any service does not guarantee the selling.
- the creation of the advertisement is done after the account creation, using as login credentials an username and password. This is the only way to access your account. And is your entire responsability to memorize this data. It is possible to recovery your password by email.
- All the data informed by you, with exception of your email and password, are part of the ad and will be made public.
- You authorize us to use the data and images of the advertisement in any way we judge better. And agree that the ad may be shown in other plataform, websites, etc.
- We will make the best effort to keep the service running. But due external factors we can't guarantee the disponibility. ***
- We keep our right to change the terms of this contract without previous notice, being your responsability to periodically check this page.
- You agree to the privacy policy.
- We reserve our right to change, interrupt or extinguish temporary or permanently the content written on our website without justification of previous warning.
- we do not offer any kind of guarantee, use it at your own risk.
- You can change or remove your advertisement anytime, as well as remove your account and your data, that will be imediatelly removed, except those specified in the privacy policy. - Car Classified ads